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Booking a photographer can be a bit confusing. There are quite a lot of photographers in Ghana now. The bottom line is that you have to be comfortable with the chosen team’s personality as well as their quality. You will be disappointed on your big day if your photographer fails to inspire your wedding party to muster a smile or you go to a photographer’s studio and the atmosphere is so hostile! Over the years we have compiled a list of questions aimed at helping you make the right choice.

Natural style photography capturing those special interactions and moments that occur throughout the day. A wedding, for example, is alive with all sorts of emotions and events, a tearful reunion, wind catching a veil, the proud father, first kiss – we work hard at capturing all of these. Of course, it is important that you have a good selection of beautifully crafted and planned shots as well. Therefore, we do set aside time in order to take conceptual shots too. A shoot list is drawn up with you in the early stages to ensure that we are clear what shots you require in addition

We specialize in weddings and corporate events, pre-birthday and birthday parties shoot, fashion and editorial shoots, family and maternity shoots, interior and architectural shoots… pretty much anything photo/video!

Absolutely, in fact, that it’s a must. It is very important that you feel comfortable with us and vice versa.

We are located behind UPSA-Legon in Accra-Ghana. Click here to see a video of our studio and here for directions.

Some people think that all we do is point the camera and capture/record the whole day which sounds pretty easy right? But here’s kind of what happens behind the scenes:
* We study and get to know our camera like the back of our hand from the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, Kelvin, frame rate etc.
* We know when to be at the right place at the right time since everything is only ONE TAKE. (Can’t really make the bride march down the aisle twice right?)
* We invest in high-end gear. To name a few, we have heavy duty tripods, light stands, multiple cameras, a bunch of lenses, audio equipment, lights, slider, drone, stabilizer, computer.. .basically we carry A LOT and I mean A LOT of equipment.
*POST PRODUCTION! After an 8-12 hour day, we produce an average of 200 gigabytes worth of footage per wedding and that’s a lot of gigabytes!! We go through each clip and find the best moments, listen to all the speeches and ceremony again to find the right tone of music, lay it out in a timeline, research for the right song, lay out the chosen clips in the timeline, lots and lots of trial and errors, fix all of the audio, color correct each clip, play back the video for the 300th time, export and upload!
Whew! That’s a lot of work but we LOVE IT!

We have a variety of packages designed to give you the freedom to choose what suits you and your pocket. Our prices take into account pre-event meetings, event coverage, and all post-production work. Should a package not suit you then we are happy to create a bespoke one to suit your budget.

We also have a flexible payment plan that allows you to pay bit by bit until the D-day!

We have been working in photography for 5 years now working with high quality, equipment. Our passion for photography over the years has seen us working on various corporate events, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Prior to your outdoor event, we like to meet with you at our studio to go over a ‘plan B’ should the bad weather be an issue on the day. That said, some of our best shots have been on wet, windy days with dramatic clouds, the Brides veil catching the breeze or guests running with umbrellas to the couples rescue!

Yes, we always carry an extra camera and spare lenses and batteries. After your event, all images are backed up onto hard drives and to a remote server.

Making sure that you and your photographer are on the same page is one of the unsexy parts of working with a photographer that no one ever talks about. But taking a little time and care early on to understand the process can make a massive difference to the level of trust and goodwill between you and your photographer. It means a more relaxed and carefree experience for you and any other person involved in the process so that you will be able to enjoy the photos many years to come.


Traditionally, all photographs remain the property of the photographer. Photos and images are intellectual property. As such, photo ownership starts and almost always stays with the photographer.  “Hiring” a photographer doesn’t change the ownership.  The photographs/Digital negatives produced by the photographer are protected by the International Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and the photographer retains the copyright to all photos and images produced. The Client may receive a copy of the hi-res digital photographs if it has been agreed upon as part of the package. The client agrees to obtain written permission from the Photographer prior to the Client (or assigned agents) publishing or selling the photographs for profit.


You might be asking yourself; so, what if I hire a photographer? Won’t this mean the photos belong to me?


Actually, no; even when hiring a photographer for a dedicated photo shoot, the employment is typically a contractor relationship. Therefore the photographer will still be the owner of the resulting photos. The photographer may grant you an unlimited license for these photos, but legal ownership stays with the photographer.

For example, copying a photo without permission, editing their work (with that cool new filter on Instagram), or not attributing a photographer (not making a clear and correct assertion as to who took the photo in the absence of a watermark) can negatively impact a photographer’s professional reputation, the ability to market and advertise their photography products/services and their ability to generate an income from the works they create.

When you book your photographer, generally you will be asked to sign a contract. The contract will include the specifics of the shoot (the who, when, where), the payment required and products/services to be produced, a service level agreement (for example, how long it will take to get your photos after the shoot etc.) and the licensing/copyright agreement. This is the part that sets out what you can and cannot do with your wedding photos.

The most common elements are:

  1. the client is granted a limited license to privately use their photos
  2. the client does not have the right to edit, change, add to, take from, alter or otherwise amend the photographs without the prior written consent of the photographer
  3. No license to the raw files (digital) or negatives (film) are assigned to the client, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

So as the cliché goes, ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT and ask us directly any questions that pops up in your head before you sign the contract or pay a deposit, if you don’t understand something.

Depending on the package chosen, we spend 8-12 hours at your wedding. All of our packages allow for both photographers/videographers to be available right from the ceremony through to the cake cutting and speeches and First Dance.

We offer a variety of after-service deliverable packages; from photo-book packages to different sizes of frames to 59 seconds montage right through to soft copies on flash drives. Our range changes frequently according to tastes and current trends so give us a call and we’ll let you know what’s available.

Our ‘base’ is in Accra-Ghana as most of our clients are. We also cover many events in all parts of the country and are often asked to travel outside Ghana as well.

YES. DEFINITELY! TAKE US ANYWHERE! Events outside Accra or Ghana do attract transportation charges and or accommodation if we are required to stay.

YES. DEFINITELY! TAKE US ANYWHERE! Events outside Accra or Ghana do attract transportation charges and or accommodation if we are required to stay.

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